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We know that your online privacy is important to you. takes your privacy very seriously — we want to make sure you're comfortable when you use our site and that your information is kept safe and secure. That's why we've assembled this Privacy Policy: to ensure that you know what we do with the information we collect from you online, and how you can control it.

Private Data

When you create an account at we collect your email address and other personal information — we do this only for your convenience and to make sure that we can deliver the best products and services to you. At, we don't sell or share your information with any third party.

Collected Information tracks the growth and popularity of its pages by collecting information such as page visits, information provided by users and IP addresses. Other factors such as web servers identify your computer by a number known as an IP address.When you use we may collect certain technical information, including information about your computer, your internet connection and standard web log information. We use this information to help us operate our website and to improve the services available on the site.

Cookies uses cookies to keep track of its visitors' activity. The use of cookies is common, and most major sites use them for this purpose. creates a cookie for each visitor that persists until the user leaves our website. Using this mechanism, we are able to save your viewing preferences& passwords so that you don't have to re-select them every time you visit our website.

Privacy and Minors

Although your children might prefer to do their own browsing, it's important to keep an eye on what they are doing online. recommends that parents monitor their children's internet usage — and take note of the websites they visit — to ensure they're using the internet safely. does not allow users under the age of 13 to post or submit information onto our site without first receiving consent from a parent or guardian. We do not share any information regarding users who are under the age of 13 as a matter of course.

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Your registration means you accept our privacy policy and agree to receive these mailings. You can stop receiving these mailings by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. By signing up, you accept the privacy policy and give your consent for processing your data for marketing purposes.

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Please note that the links to other websites from are provided as a convenience and do not imply a responsibility for contents beyond this site. Please be aware that these sites have their own privacy offerings, independent from that of

Privacy Policy Purpose

This privacy policy is not a contract. It lets you know how, why, and when your personal information is being collected, used, and shared. We value your trust above all else, so please read this privacy policy before using our websites to ensure your personal information is protected.


Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns. Send an email to — we're always listening.

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